Thursday, April 3, 2008

Samuel Stidham during the Revolutionary War

(1790 Wilkes Co., NC Census)

Samuel Stidham was drafted during the Revolutionary War and served two terms for a total of nine months in 1780. His officers were Ensign Ben Humphrey, Lt. David Humphrey, Capt. James Giddens, Col. Martin Armstrong and Gen. Rutherford. He enlisted at the Surry Courthouse, and at that time was a resident of Surry Co., North Carolina

He served with a company as a guard of the ammunition magazine. While serving in the guard company, the Tories were encamped about the mulberry fields on the Yadkin River. Samuel and others were ordered to attack them. The Tories fled so the company returned. At the end of three months, Samuel was discharged, but was subsequently drafted for another six month term. During his second term, he was again assigned to guard the magazine. His company marched to Sorceymares Mill on Dutch Buffalo Creek in Rowan Co., where it provided ammunition for the main army under the command of Gen. Rutherford. From there, the army marched to join Gen. Gate's army. After one day and night, the army encamped on Long Creek where a soldier was killed by a falling tree. Samuel and another soldier were left to bury the dead man, then rejoined their company.

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